The perfect attire
for your product.

Packaging design is all about the art of seduction. It all starts with attracting the eye of your audience and shall lead to a long-term commitment with your brand.
At KYUB studio we create packaging that will add great value to your product by stimulating the senses of your audience and evoke a sense of trust towards your business.
From the artwork design to production management we will ensure your packaging will dress to impress.

When asking for quote for a packaging project, please prepare :

  1. A design mockup of what the final packaging will look like from different angles.
  2. The structure of the packaging when opened.


*Example of packaging structure



Brown / White
Single / Double Face

Paper Box

Fold ’em papers to boxes!

Hard Cover

Solid, no fragile sticker needed!


Not on the list? Send us a message!

Have you decided?

Already know what you want? So what are you waiting for, send us your design!
Or in case you don’t have any design ready, we can also help you design one by sharing with us about your stories!

Got questions?

We know making the packaging is a tough process and requires a lot of decision-making. We want to help you ease the brainwork by answering whatever you are not sure of. Check out our FAQ page or send us your question directly!