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Art Print


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Offset Print

Any color is possible. Good for photos or gradients.


Vintage print which makes dented print. Good to create texture.


Very opaque color, good on colored paper.

Add shiny effects.


Raised emboss 凸 or sunken deboss 凹 effect.


Almost any shape other than square/rectangle.


Color or foil on the side surface.


Add transparent gloss effect on desired area.

How to Order

❶ Prepare Design

Having your design ready when contacting us will make the process much faster with more accurate pricing. Please avoid asking using somebody else’s product photo without bringing your own design too.

Avoid using pixel based software to design (Photoshop, Painter, ProCreate, etc) whenever possible and use vector based software instead (Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc). Also do not forget to outline / expand the font.

If you are using photos in your design, make sure it is on high-resolution (300 dpi).

❷ Production Consultation

It would be best to know about your printing specifications beforehand, such as paper, finishing, printing method, etc. However, we understand that this might be overwhelming to those who are not accustomed to it. Our advice is to do your best in giving us the specifications and from there we will gladly consult with you about how you want the product to be, then recommend you which paper, what finishing, etc. to make your product shine more. Please note that we do not give recommendations for designs that are still “work in progress”.

❸ Production

Depends on the amount and the difficulty of production, our production usually takes around 2 weeks for the minimum amount (400 pcs).

❹ Shipping

It is important to note that we can not know the exact shipping price before the product is completed. After it is completed and packaged strongly to endure shipping, then we can know the exact weight and ask courier service about the price. Shipping to overseas client are usually done using EMS or DHL.

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